Charli XCX thinks women are ''more vocal'' about their opinions and more ''in control'' of their careers than ever before.

The 'Boys' hitmaker has learned from her time in the music industry that it's important to have your own voice and not let record labels or men in suits have the last say on choices made about your image or music.

Charli, 24, has praised her fellow female pop stars for standing up for themselves and taking charge of their careers.

She said: ''I think a lot of females in the industry are so vocal about their opinions on feminism and their experience in the music industry and I think a lot of female artists and artists in general are so much more in control of their own career now.

''Audiences are more intelligent, fans are cleverer, they understand the marketing and putting together of the pop star and they want somebody who is real and genuine and fun. Not somebody who is built up, so I think artists have to take control and really run their own game to be successful.''

The 'Boom Clap' singer is known for wearing racy outfits and doing risque dance routines on stage, but she says that is all her doing and if a man ever told her how to dress she wouldn't be happy with that.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning (01.08.17), she said: ''Throughout my career I've been very vocal on my opinion about being a woman in the music industry.

''I get asked questions about feminism all the time ... I'm not somebody who is worried about wearing revealing outfits or performing provocatively on stage - as long as that's my choice I'm completely happy to do it.

''The second it is an instruction from a man or a record label then it's not cool, but otherwise it's good.''