In the film The F Word and Me, the singer interviewed fellow artists at festival stops in a bid to find out "what feminism really means".

Jack Antonoff and Marina Diamandis were among the stars who took part in the film, and Charli also used the documentary to open up about her own feminist feelings.

In one segment, she mused about Rihanna's ultraviolent B**ch Better Have My Money video, stating, "I know lots of people have had a big problem with this video, and the use of violence against women in pop videos can feel really disturbing, but I think this film speaks to a bigger story.

"Rihanna is dismantling society's idea of what a pop star should be, i.e. perfect, polished and usually white... It's a revenge fantasy, it's a beautiful piece of art, but it's also a powerful statement of intent: You can't push me around, and you can't make me be what I want. I make my own decisions, good and bad, and to me, that's what feminism is all about."