Charli XCX doesn't think albums are the ''be-all and end-all of music'' anymore.

The 'Boys' hitmaker says LPs used to be a ''culmination'' of an artists' work, where they would be judged on what kind of an artist they are, but because of the rise of streaming, this has changed greatly.

She said: ''I didn't really make a decision to shelve it [the album], it's more that it's just not the time for me to put an album out yet. It's fine. I just spent a week in the countryside writing, doing my thing. I think we're at a point where albums aren't the be-all and end-all of music.

''I think before, the album was the culmination of your work and the way that you judged someone on what kind of an artist they are. I think now just because with streaming and the nature that people digest music, it's not really like that anymore. Of course an album is important, but there are so many other aspects to an artist that can define who they are.''

Charli also writes a number of songs for other artists and approaches it in the exact same way she would do with a song for herself.

She added: ''I always write the song that I want to write, and sometimes that ends up with me and other times it ends up with someone else. It's not a different process. I feel like I just write how I write. I think people like my style of writing, so I just try and do me, you know?''

And the 24-year-old singer feels ''lucky'' to be making music.

She told Music Junkee: ''I feel really happy at the moment, and I'm just lucky to be making music and to be writing and performing. Of course, there are bad sides to the industry, but there are bad sides to every aspect of life. I think the more you dwell on the negatives then the more unhappy that you get. I'm really just in a place where I'm just trying to do things I love and work with people I care about, you know?''