The musician son of country music legend Charley Pride has filed suit against his manager in a bid to be released from his contract.

Dion Pride, who played guitar for his father's band, claims he signed with Tennessee-based Octabrook representatives to oversee his career, but they only booked him for one concert and the cheque he received as payment bounced.

His legal papers state, "Plaintiff asserts that the only one performance obtained by defendant resulted in being paid with a nonsufficient funds check. Plaintiff had to seek other means in order to actually get paid on that performance."

Pride's lawyers go on to explain that the singer decided to seek out his own gigs, but now Octabrook executives are attempting to claim a cut of his salary for shows they reportedly did not book.

The plaintiff also accuses Octabrook bosses of failing to properly register the company under Tennessee law, making his 2012 contract invalid.

Pride is seeking damages for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

The defendant has yet to respond to the allegations.