TRAINSPOTTING star EWAN McGREGGOR has credited his partner in US reality show AMERICAN CHOPPER with helping him through his daughter's battle with meningitis.

McGregor's child CLARA became seriously ill with the disease shortly after he and pal Charley Boorman completed their international charity motorbike trek for the TV documentary, and the Scottish actor says Boorman gave him strength to cope with the ordeal.

He explains, "Charley's always been extremely supportive, especially when, shortly after the film shoot, Clara became incredibly ill with meningitis. Eve (McGregor's wife) and I were living in the hospital and Charley came to visit. I was seeing him out when he said, 'It will get better than this.'

"And as he drove off on his motorbike, he pulled this huge wheelie. It was so inappropriate, yet it was everything I needed. I really did feel things would get better after that. It was so Charley to do that. He expresses himself in a most unusual way."

29/10/2004 02:29