The Need You Now singer's wife, Cassie MCConnell Kelley, will welcome their first child later this month (Feb16) after years of battling fertility issues, and the star still can't believe the couple's family dreams have been realised.

And chatting to country musician-turned-radio host Kix Brooks, the singer can still recall the night his wife realised she was pregnant after taking a test.

"My wife has taken so many pregnancy tests in the past two years, so I was so used to going, 'It's just pointless, don't even look at it!' Charles said.

"I was dead asleep and she kinda wakes me up and she was so casual about it. She goes, 'I think this is positive'... I was like, 'No', and I went back to bed. She goes to the store and gets another one..."

The Kelleys were cautiously optimistic as they waited for the official verdict from their doctor.

"We wait a few weeks and then of course... there it was," Charles added. "We had tried forever and we were literally about to go in and start the IVF process the next month and they said, 'Well, you probably have a one per cent chance (of conceiving) naturally... and it happened. It was a blessing. We were lucky."

And now the Lady Antebellum star is hoping lightning can strike twice.

"I want two (kids)," Kelley chuckled.