The cash-strapped producer/director of a star-studded Hollywood version of CHARLES DICKENS' A Christmas Carol is hoping to stage the production again at the end of 2009 - so he can pay off creditors.
Kevin Von Feldt brought John Goodman, Christopher Lloyd and former Frasier star Jane Leeves to the Kodak Theatre for the festive play, which ran from 22 December (08) to 4 January (09) - but the stars didn't fill the seats, and the show realised less than 20 per cent of its potential box office.
Van Feldt tells the Los Angeles Times he chose to pay all his creditors small percentages of what they're owed from the flop, and he's asking them to let their Christmas spirit last the year, so he can re-stage the production in December (09), "somewhere outside Los Angeles".
He tells the Times, "If I paid everything out that I have right now... I don’t have money left to mount the show and take advantage of the fact that we have the set built, and the costumes."