Local residents at the birthplace of Charles Bronson are debating whether they should name a street in memory of the movie tough guy - with many objecting to the idea.

The DEATH WISH star was born CHARLES BUCHINSKY in tiny Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, America on 13 November 1921.

But 234 locals oppose the idea of a memorial, arguing Bronson - who died on 30 August (03) - rarely visited his childhood home.

Ehrenfeld council president ALBERT KELLER has proposed $1,500 (GBP940) be spent on immortalising the actor's name on the street where he was born.

He says, "Someone asked for permission to have a sign put up at the entrance of town about a year ago, and the borough council voted against it.

"They said Charlie didn't do a damn thing for this town. We all should be proud that he was from Cambria County."

08/09/2003 17:23