French star Charles Aznavour has blamed a dispute with a producer for the cancellation of three New York gigs.
The 87-year-old singer sparked fears for his health after pulling out of a trio of concerts scheduled to take place later this week (begs23Apr12), without stating a cause.
But now Aznavour has spoken out to assure fans he is not ill, while citing a contractual squabble with a producer for keeping him off the stage.
He tells radio station Rtl, "We dealt with a producer... who didn't respect the clauses of the contract. None of the clauses were respected, and there is no reason for us to take the stage with him owing us so much money already."
According to the Calgary Herald, Aznavour went on to explain he did not want to take the risk of losing money.
He adds, "This time I don't want it to cost me a fortune, which is normal, and I don't want to give my work and my time and on top of it all give my money because I'm forced to pay for it all."
Aznavour's scrapped shows will not be rescheduled.