Chariots of Fire actor Nigel Havers is grieving over the death of his wife POLLY, after the former model lost her battle with cancer.

The British actor, 54, is devastated at the death of his "soulmate", who died in his arms on Thursday (24JUN04) after a four-year fight with the disease.

Havers' brother PHILIP HAVERS says, "Nigel is obviously very upset. Polly showed astonishing courage and fortitude. She has an indomitable will right up to the end."

Polly was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a secondary tumour in May 2000. The disease returned in 2002 and she underwent chemotherapy.

Havers' personal assistant JULIA FORSYTH adds, "It has been four years of struggle. Everybody is very upset."

27/06/2004 10:38