Chantelle Houghton is getting very ''emotional'' as her pregnancy progresses, her fiance Alex Reid has revealed.

The TV star is expecting a baby daughter with the MMA fighter and the hardman admits Chantelle has been suffering mood swings like lots of other expectant mothers.

However, Alex has been prepared for this behaviour because his mother warned him to watch our for her hormonal behaviour.

He said: ''I'll get killed for saying this, but it's her hormones. I'm like, 'She wasn't like this before.'

''She's just more emotional about everything. She wants to cry over nothing. My mum said this to me - sometimes you just hate your partner for no reason at all. Not to be sexist, but men are generally more logical. I look at things logically and sometimes that isn't the way to go.''

Alex and Chantelle have only been together for 11 months but decided to have a child together after the blonde beauty was diagnosed with fertility problems.

She announced she was pregnant in November and although Alex - who was previously married to Katie Price - had some reservations they were rushing into things he now knows he made the right decision to commit to Chantelle.

In an interview with this week's new! magazine, he said: ''I'm much more in love with her now.

''I have thought that (we rushed into things) in the past, but I think we know each other very well now. I really feel her aura is connected to mine.''