Fake celebrity Chantelle Houghton has admitted that she knew her marriage to Samuel Preston was doomed four days into their honeymoon.

The 24-year-old says that their relationship got so bad that she was driven to the point of an eating disorder and they ended up sleeping in separate beds.

The couple announced their separation in June this year, 11 months after getting married. They had initially met on Celebrity Big Brother in January 2006.

"We were destroying each other," Chantelle told the News of the World today.

"On the fourth night [of the honeymoon] he took me out to dinner and I suddenly felt really upset.

"The doubts had already set in. I found we really didn't have anything in common and were on completely different wavelengths."

Chantelle explained that the couple's differences became more apparent as their marriage went on.

"He was so wrong for me and I was so wrong for him," she said. We were like from two different planets.

"He loved politics and wanted to talk about it. But I know nothing about politics; it doesn't interest me at all."

07/10/2007 12:59:51