Chantelle Houghton's baby daughter has been ill.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star says it was ''horrible'' when her two-month-old daughter Dolly Lexie came down with a fever and revealed she had to nurse her back to health.

Chantelle told new! magazine: ''Poor Dolly had her eight-week jabs last week and she came down with a fever afterwards. It was horrible to see her unwell.

''She's usually so happy but was crying inconsolably. I gave her Calpol a couple of times, but mainly I just held her close so she could feel my heartbeat and that sent her to sleep.''

The reality star - who is engaged to Katie Price's ex-husband Alex Reid - also admitted she was shocked by how much her daughter has grown in recent days.

Chantelle said: ''She was 9lbs 10 oz last week and this week she's 10lbs 7oz - she's grown so much.

''I asked the doctor if that's normal and she said yes. I've had to buy her even more new clothes. Shell end up bankrupting me!''

The bubbly blonde recently confessed her relationship with cage-fighter Alex is ''strained'' and the pair are trying to work things out.