Chantelle Houghton was furious when Alex Reid enjoyed a night out while she was ill.

The reality TV star - who is pregnant with the couple's first child - lashed out at Alex after discovering he was partying with his former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate Basshunter while she was at home recovering after heart palpitations.

Chantelle said: ''I was angry when I saw the pictures of Alex out with Basshunter last Tuesday night. While he was getting plastered with his mate, I was in bed feeling really ill. But boys will be boys. I'd had some more palpitations earlier in the day, which of course was scary for me. Put it this way, we've had words about the whole situation!''

Although Chantelle's palpitations were not Dangerous, she admitted they were extra frightening because she was alone.

Chantelle said in her column for new! magazine: ''I had some bad heart palpitations and I was really worried as I was at home on my own. I went and sat outside my flat until it passed. The doctor said that as the baby gets bigger and I gain more weight, it's going to happen more and more and they will last longer. I just have to take each day as it comes.

''I went for another check-up last week, which I love because it's so reassuring. They said the baby's fine, she's growing well and her heartbeat is normal.''