In an interview with OK! Magazine, Chantelle Houghton has revealed that the rumours surrounding her relationship with Alex Reid are putting a serious strain on their relationship. The former Big Brother star is pregnant with Alex's baby and told the magazine that she doesn't know who's telling the tabloids about their internal problems.
"It's putting a lot of pressure on us because I'm getting really upset," said Chantelle. "I don't know who is telling the papers about our rows but Alex says it isn't him. I don't know what to think." She also told the magazine that she was concerned that she was being bugged or having her calls monitored. Chantelle also recalled Peter Andre saying that he heard that he and his former wife Katie Price were splitting up so often that he ended up believing it himself and that's how she feels at the moment with her own relationship with Reid (who also dated Price, at one time. Further snippets of the interview have been reported by the Metro, revealing that Houghton had a shock when she woke up one Sunday morning "and the first thing I hear is that Alex had called off our wedding. I'm heavily pregnant and every time we have a row somebody goes to the papers and says that we're splitting up."
Alex has also lashed out at whoever is spreading the rumours. On his Twitter page on April 29, 2012, Reid posted a message saying "who evers the source who said Ive called the wedding off, please step forward? Not very nice& how do u think Chantelle will feel?"