Chantelle Houghton won't rush her new relationship.

The reality TV star - who has nine-month-old daughter Dolly with ex-fiance Alex Reid - has enjoyed a string of dates with a ''mystery man'' recently, and though they haven't arranged to go out again yet, Chantelle is sure it will happen but she doesn't want things to move too quickly.

Chantelle - who married Ordinary Boys frontman Preston after a whirlwind relationship in 2006, divorcing under a year later - wrote in her column for new! magazine: ''I'm still in touch with my mystery man and we've been texting, but we haven't been on any more dates because he's working away at the moment.

''We'll see what happens, but regardless, I want to take any new relationship really slowly. I've rushed into all my previous relationships and they haven't worked out too well...''

The blonde star also revealed she has been left in a ''world of pain'' after botched tooth surgery in 2010 has affected her back and neck.

She explained: ''Last week, I was papped at the physiotherapist looking like death warmed up! My

face was swollen because I'd been crying. I was in agony because of the pain in my neck and back. It all stemmed from when I had my veneers done in 2010, which pushed my whole body out of line.

''I'm just so tense and in my own little world of pain. I went to the physio, who said my back was so bad that it was hurting his hand trying to release the muscles!''