Chantelle Houghton, the British television star and model, has announced plans to move in with new boyfriend Alex Reid, just four months after they began dating. In an interview with new! magazine, the couple revealed plans to move to the capital once they find a suitable property.
Houghton, who rose to fame after winning Celebrity Big Brother, said, "I just love being around him. He makes me feel really good about myself", adding, "When we're together nothing else really matters. It's nice to have someone who wants to look after me. He makes me feel so secure. He completes me". Reid spoke specifically about the couple's search for a new home, revealing, "She is moving in. I'm back at my mum's but I'm looking for a place in London. So we'll see.I actually miss her now. I want to be next to her. She turns me on, physically and mentally. When I hear her voice, it's magic". The couple have made numerous television appearances in recent weeks, declaring their love for each other and speaking about moving on from their respective exes.
While Reid had a highly-publicised relationship with TV star Katie Price, Chantelle was previously married to the Oridnary Boys rocker SAMUEL PRESTON.