Chantelle Houghton, the television personality and former winner of 'Celebrity Big Brother', claims she and new beau Alex Reid don't talk about the cage-fighter's ex-wife Katie Price.
Speaking to Heat Magazine, Chantelle described Alex as "sensitive, kind and thoughtful", adding, "He's a gentle giant, kind-hearted and lovely". When quizzed on Reid's relationship with Price, Houghton bluntly noted, "It's like she never existed. We don't talk about her". The Big Brother star hit the headlines this month after admitting she requires Ivf treatment within the next three years if she is to have a baby. However, she praised her new boyfriend for his support on the matter, saying, "He hasn't run away.That says a lot about him.I've only been with him a short while, so I knew that by telling him I ran the risk of him walking away". The couple were spotted partying at London's Cafe de Paris for Reid's birthday on Saturday (23rd July 2011), and the cage-fighter late tweeted, "Wicked evening @WamBamClub Cafe de Paris,celebrating my birthday with @chantellehought thanks 4all my pressies".
Houghton was previously married to the Ordinary Boys front-man Preston, having first met each other in the Big Brother house.