Chantelle Houghton claims Alex Reid regularly sneaked off to his parents' house to dress as his female alter-ego.

The reality TV star recently ended her relationship with the cage fighter and says the reason why his parents haven't seen much of their three-month-old granddaughter Dolly recently is because Alex would use their house to dress up as Roxanne.

Speaking about a time when Alex fled to his parents for four days leading Chantelle to persuade his mother to gain entry to his bedroom, where she found her son cross-dressing, the blonde beauty said: ''I don't know what happened or what she saw. But she said to me that was what was going on.''

She added: ''Alex has been saying I've been stopping them from seeing their granddaughter, but every time they were due to visit I believe he was at his mum's being Roxanne.

''Why couldn't they come alone? I think it would have been very inappropriate that they travel an hour and a half to come to Essex while their son is back home as Roxanne, doing goodness knows what.''

Just a few weeks before she gave birth, Chantelle walked in on Alex dressed as Roxanne and admitted she felt ''ashamed and scared'' about her relationship afterwards.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''All I will say is yes it did happen and it was the most emotionally testing time of my life. I couldn't handle what happened and I had nowhere else to go to but my empty flat, where I stayed for a week.

''I didn't tell anyone. I was confused, embarrassed, ashamed and scared of what the future held. I felt completely alone.

''I texted and called Alex night and day. I begged him to stop.

''He said it was something he couldn't help, so suddenly my future looked very different. I don't understand why he does it, but it seems he's no control over his need to do it. He just promised he wouldn't do it again.''

The couple split up in September just a few days after Alex was arrested for allegedly trying to forcibly gain entry to their home. He was not charged in relation to the incident.