Despite lukewarm reviews and a busy weekend for the entertainment industry, The Vow managed an impressive $41.7 million on its opening weekend. According to, the film defied expectations on a weekend that had the hugely popular televised Grammys show on Sunday night to contend with. This follows the success of Woman in Black and Chronicle on the previous weekend, which also performed well despite competing with the Super Bowl.

Released in time for Valentine's Day, The Vow is a romantic tear-jerker that tells the story of a married couple (played by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams) who are forced to rebuild their relationship when the wife suffers from amnesia following a car accident. The film was reportedly financed for $30 million and according to the article, has been more popular with female audience members. The new action-thriller, Safe House - starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds - was released this weekend, too and is estimated to have brought in around $39.3 million. This was followed in the ratings by Journey 2: The Mysterious island, which also performed better than expected, grossing around $27.6 million. The film stars Josh Hutcherson, who will next be seen on the big screen with the release of the hugely-anticipated Hunger Games.

The Vow has beaten Screen Gems' record for opening weekend figures. It took the mantle from Dear John, Channing Tatum's last romantic film venture from 2010. Much of the appeal of The Vow has been credited to Tatum's presence in the cast list. Rory Bruer, of Sony, said "Any scenario I've ever been in where he's present - it's crazy. He's just one of those guys that women love."