The trailer for Channing Tatum's new movie 'Magic Mike' has been released, showing the Hollywood heart-throb in his latest role as a stripper, struggling to maintain a relationship and a raunchy career at the same time. Soundtracked by Rihanna and Calvin Harris' 'We Found Love,' with its lyric "we found love in a hopeless place," the trailer shows an insight into Mike Martingano (Tatum)'s romance with Paige, played by Cody Horn.
Empire Online insist that the movie isn't a step back for Tatum, who finally managed to break out of the "handsome, muscled lug" stereotype that he was in danger of being lumbered with, with his comedic performance in 21 Jump Street. Their review of the movie suggests that the Steven Soderbergh-directed drama has "a lot more to it than Tatum and his co-stars crafting an American remake of The Full Monty." The movie was conceived on the set of Haywire, when Tatum revealed to Soderbergh that he used to be a stripper, back in Florida. Soderbergh got the wheels in motion for the movie, which was scripted by Reid Carolin.
Matthew Mcconaughey also stars in the movie as a former stripper, turned nightclub owner. MCConaughey and Tatum's characters take a new wannabe stripper under their wing. The sub-plot is that Tatum's character also wants to carve a career for himself as a furniture designer. His commitment to a life of stripping for money is challenged when he meets Paige and falls for her.