The official trailer for the highly anticipated G.I. Joe sequel 'Retaliation' hit the web on Monday (December 12, 2011), bringing with it two action packed minutes of explosions, tanks, motorcycles, gadgets, gizmos and several dangerous looking weapons.

Paramount's trailer hit on the same day that Columbia Pictures released their promo clip for Men In Black 3, and both received positive responses from fans on Twitter. Retaliation sees the likes of Channing Tatum and Ray Park reprise their roles from the 2009's Rise of the Cobra, which grossed over $300 million worldwide, but also features new additions such as Dwayne Johnson aka 'The Rock', model Adrianne Palicki and most notably, action star Bruce Willis as general Joe Colton. His character is responsible for acquiring the GI Joe strike force, and the trailer sees the team put their skills to the test in numerous fight sequences and action scenes. After surviving a hail of gunfire in the trailer's final moments, Palicki's Lady Jane asks Colton if he's ok, to which he nonchalantly replies, "My cholesterol's a little high". As mentioned, the clip was generally received warmly, with Cinema Blend noting, "To be honest, it would have been a real challenge to make this movie look any worse than the Stephen Sommers offering from 2009, but this trailer is actually pretty damn awesome". Empire magazine also brought up the lacklustre first movie, saying, "The first G.I. Joe movie back in 2009 was largely derided as a moronic action-fest.Based on the first trailer for Retaliation, it seems they've decided to try to make things right by adding a healthy dollop of Team Bring It".

G.I. Joe: Retaliation, featuring Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum et al, is slated to hit cinemas on June 29, 2012.