Channing Tatum's new movie 'The Son of No One' is "intense".

The 'Dilemma' actor stars in the film - directed by his three time collaborator Dito Montiel - which will close this week's Sundance Film Festival - and Channing warned the action thriller about two men forced to relive two murders they committed during their youth will shock viewers and surprise fans of co-star Tracy Morgan.

He said: "It's an intense movie. I think Tracy Morgan is going to shock the world. Nobody has ever seen him do drama or anything like that."

Tracy added he was excited at playing a different type of role and said he was happy to branch out from his usual comedy.

He explained to MTV News: "I feel it's an opportunity that I want to really take advantage of. I want to grow as an artist, as a person, and I understand my limitations. Comedy is a comfort zone for me and I don't mind coming out of my comfort zone."

Channing stars in the movie as young cop Jonathan White, nicknamed 'Milk' whose life is turned upside down when he is assigned to a precinct in the working class neighbourhood he grew up and where the murders occurred.

Tracy- who plays his friend Vinnie - explained: "There's a real Bond between these guys. One's life went in one direction, which is very successful, and the other friend, which is my character, went in a really messed-up direction."

The movie also stars Katie Holmes, Al Pacino and Juliette Binoche.