Channing Tatum has asked for a counsellor to assist with his and Jenna Dewan's custody arrangement.

The 'Magic Mike' actor finalised his divorce from the brunette beauty last week but he's requested a monthly meeting to help schedule their time with six-year-old Everly, as well as resolve any disputes in co-parenting.

He stated in legal documents: ''Due to our professions, our schedules are constantly changing, and flexibility is needed to ensure that we are both able to work and be able to have equal time with Everly.

''We have had difficulty navigating these accommodations without assistance, which has led to both confusion and conflict.

''In an effort to avoid any unnecessary confusion and conflict going forward, I believe it is necessary for Petitioner and me to work with a co-parenting counsellor to assist us with making modifications to the custodial schedule as needed, as we have not been able to do so effectively.''

The 39-year-old star has asked for each parent to travel within the US with Everly without the other's consent, but they would requite approval for travel outside of the country.

Channing also requested that both he and Jenna - who is expecting a baby with fiance Steve Kazee - be allowed to take their daughter out of school for up to five days for something work related or a special occasion.

The '21 Jump Street' star wants to alternate or equally divide holidays and vacation periods and for each parent to be able to FaceTime Everly every day.

Channing wants him and Jenna to use co-parenting site to share information about Everly's health, safety, welfare and education, and also formally requested that no parent be authorised to use the youngster's name, image or likeness for any paid or for-profit sponsorship, ad, campaign or partnership, including on any form of social media or other media without consent from the other parent.

Channing - who is now dating Jessie J - split from Jenna in April 2018.