The Magic Mike star is following the likes of Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Blake Shelton, and Drake into the alcohol business with his Born and Bred vodka, created in partnership with bosses at the Grand Teton Distillery in Idaho, and it's a drink Channing has a long history with.

He recalls tasting his first sip of vodka with his friends as a young teen, but his memory is blurry because they "drank a bunch of stuff that night:.

"I was probably 13, probably 8th grade," he tells "We went over to my buddy's house. His parents were out and we raided (the liquor cabinet). We had never drank before and we were making terrible, horrible drinks. Somehow we made a drink that was purple. Shenanigans happened. Thirteen-year-olds in Florida don't know how to drink."

Channing reveals he never set out to launch his own booze line, but after conducting a taste test with his friend Jack, they determined there were very few American-made vodka brands they actually liked.

Grand Teton's was their favourite, and they decided to go into business together to establish a brand suitable to drink at both black tie events and casual, backyard get-togethers.

And Channing hopes drinkers will engage in a little "mischief" once they've had a taste of his tipple.

"On the inside label, once you drink it down or if you get your eye really close to the bottle, it says, 'Cross my heart and hope for mischief,'" he says. "That's just what I want when I pour myself a drink. I want to just cause a little havoc, get into some trouble, get into some safe, manageable mischief."

The boozy business venture goes hand-in-hand with Channing's other new project, the Magic Mike Live strip show heading to the Las Vegas stage next month (Mar17), and the 36-year-old admits he is grateful to experience so many new opportunities.

"Every day I wake up and I have a pinch-yourself-reality moment...," he smiles. "It's just cool for me to do something new every day, I'm really lucky."

The exotic male revue, set to premiere at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, was inspired by Channing's own stripper past, which he turned into a movie with the release of Magic Mike in 2012 and its 2015 sequel, Magic Mike XXL.