Channing Tatum is teaching his six-year-old daughter Everly to box so she can ''defend herself'' and feel ''safe''.

The 'Magic Mike' actor took to Instagram to share a video of his little girl - whom he has with ex-wife Jenna Dewan - throwing some punches his way wearing gloves and a protection helmet, and he revealed he's decided to give his little girl lessons because he wants Everly to fee ''secure''.

He also quipped that he fears for the person who tries to ''poke the beast inside [his] little angel''.

Alongside the IGTV clip posted on his Instagram, he wrote: ''She love punching dad !

''This is only 1/16 how long this went for hahaha she an animal. We love wrestling and boxing. And we keep it fun.

''I heard once that martial arts was only created to take the mystery out of fight. So people started to practiced it.

''So if ever there came a time they had to defend themselves they wouldn't be as afraid.

''In my experience fear most times leads to bad decisions.

''Being calm and secure with your mind and body...Make great opportunity for good decisions.

''Violence is 100% never the answer. But having a daughter i always want her to feel safe in her being.

''And god help the person that ever poke the beast inside this little angel. (sic)''

Channing finalised his divorce from Everly's mom Jenna last month, but days later, he submitted paperwork asking for a number of decisions to be made about her care, including monthly meetings with a counsellor to draw up the schedule, arrangements for travelling with her in the US without consent from the other parent, the use of a website to document information on her health, safety, welfare and education and confirmation that the youngster can be FaceTimed every day by the person she isn't currently in the care of.

However, according to TMZ, Jenna - who is expecting a baby with fiance Steve Kazee - had already signed off on the holiday schedule and there were times when she had been working and asked to change the plans but Channing refused.

Sources close to the 39-year-old star argued the 'World of Dance' host had agreed to some of the schedule but not all of it.

There are also said to be issues over child support payments with Jenna's pals claiming her ex-husband isn't contributing, while sources on Channing's side insisted there is a ''very specific'' joint account with shared funds that cover Everly's expenses.

The 38-year-old actress also reportedly claimed that the '21 Jump Street' actor doesn't allow her to FaceTime Everly while she's in his care and he never calls the little girl when she's with Jenna.

However, sources close to Channing said Jenna is too difficult for him to deal with so he makes contact via Everly's nanny.

A spokesperson for the actress insisted she just wants to put her daughter first.

The representative said: ''Jenna's priority has always been, and continues to be, her daughter's well-being.''

Channing - who is now dating British singer Jessie J - split from Jenna in April 2018.