Channing Tatum probably expected footage of his stripping days to surface, given that he stars in new movie 'Magic Mike', partly based on his experiences working in the industry. The Hollywood star teamed up with Steven Soderberg for the comedy-drama, and it's led to a couple of his ex-colleagues wanting a slice of the action.
Last week, it was reported that two of Tatum's former fellow strippers, Thomas Austin and London Steele had filed a lawsuit claiming the actor had ripped off their lives for the new movie. They also claimed he had stolen their dance moves without credit. In response, Tatum claimed the pair had been trying to make money off him since he found fame in Hollywood, and accused one of the dancers of leaking previous footage of him working on-stage. Since then, a new clip has suspiciously landed on the doormat of, featuring Tatum once again in a state of undress. In the new footage, the actor botches the dance routine to Ymca, which the website describes as "the easiest choreography ever". The video was shot during the actor's brief stint as a male stripper in the late 90's, though given his dance-moves, Tatum probably did the right thing in leaving the industry behind.
However, it's unlikely that the Hollywood actor will be perturbed by the footage, given that 'Magic Mike' is receiving rave reviews at the box office. David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter wrote, "Arguably the raunchiest, funniest and most enjoyably non-judgmental American movie about selling sex since Boogie Nights, it's obvious if considerably darker precursor". Peter Debruge of Variety echoed the praise, saying, "Tatum, Soderbergh and team appreciate the real reason audiences showed up, and the film provides just enough character and plot to validate the plentiful pecs and abundant buns that serve as its main attraction". 'Magic Mike' hits cinemas in the U.S on Friday (June 29, 2012).