Channing Tatum admits there was a ''lot of apologies'' on the set of 'Magic Mike XXL'.

The 34-year-old actor - who stars as the title character in the comedy film series - has revealed that the group dance rehearsals can get quite intimate.

He said: ''Dance rehearsals twice a day, once by myself and once with the group.

''There are a lot of apologies. A lot of 'I'm sorry that ran into your chin' and 'Let me take my thigh off your neck'.''

Channing - who is also producing and co-writing the film - has revealed he loves to be able to control all the different elements of the film.

He said: ''When we sit down, we're really writing. My partner and I make wholesale changes. As needed.

''Today, tomorrow. That's why I'm the producer, too. So we have permission to screw up the whole thing every day.''

His writing partner, Reid Carolin, added to Esquire magazine: ''We write to the very last second. We read the script aloud, we retool scenes.

''Chan delivers the changes to the director and the cinematographer, works them out again.

''Then he goes into the gym to work out and I get my laptop, sit on the heavy equipment, and we start working more while he's lifting.''