Channing Tatum took up stripping because he ''wanted the crazy''.

The 'Magic Mike' actor became a stripper when he was 18 and although he enjoyed it, he is delighted he left before he became addicted to drugs or got an STD.

He said: ''I wanted the crazy, I was at a point in my life where I was like 'Yeah, why not? There's money and I get to have a blast and have women around me. That sounds amazing to an 18 year old. Then you go through it. Thank God I weathered the storm. I don't have a drug habit, I don't have an STD, I don't have a kid so I dodged all those bullets. And all those are really real in that world.''

While Channing, 32, loves dancing, he admitted he didn't enjoy getting naked in front of a crowd.

''I really enjoyed dancing but I didn't enjoy being naked. That wasn't my thing. Some guys loved it. They would take off their clothes immediately and I would just sort of dance around first. Not that I was modest or anything, it just wasn't the part I enjoyed. I just wanted to dance.''