Channing Tatum doesn't feel body confident enough to perform as a stripper in his 'Magic Mike Live' stage show.

The 38-year-old actor portrayed the titular character Mike Lane in the 2012 comedy-drama movie, which follows the life of a male stripper and his life at the club, and reprised the role again for the 2015 sequel 'Magic Mike XXL'.

Following the success of the two films - which are loosely based on the Hollywood star's own experiences of working as a stripper in Tampa, Florida - Channing created and co-directed 'Magic Mike Live', a striptease experience featuring dance routines and acrobatic stunts which has been hugely popular since opening at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in 2017 and has now come to London at the Hippodrome Casino where it will run until October 2019.

Although he is in good shape, Channing feels insecure next to the ripped dancers in his show and admits he would have to train very hard before even considering appearing shirtless on stage.

Channing - who is currently dating singer Jessie J - told the Evening Standard newspaper: ''I love dancing and I love these guys and performing. But when you stand up there with your shirt off next to them with the way they look ... I don't work out on an everyday basis. I know everyone thinks I do but I do not. If I ever get in that shape again I will absolutely be in the show for a weekend or something.''

The 'Dear John' star wanted the show to make people feel ''liberated'' and is passionate about promoting ''equal opportunity objectification'' as he understands that in society, it is usually men who stare at scantily-clad women for gratification.

He said: ''I don't want anybody coming and being scared of not being in control of their own body, they should feel liberated and empowered by the entire experience. I'm all for some equal opportunity objectification. It's been the other way for so long so I think it's just fine.

''But I'm completely aware some men aren't comfortable with it, but this one is.''