Channing Tatum says he won the ''genetic lottery'' with his looks.

The 'Magic Mike' star is happy to be labelled as handsome as he believes it has helped him in his career so far, although he knows he can't rely on his looks forever.

He said: ''I just don't get it when I hear people say, 'I'm fighting my looks! I'm too pretty!' My parents are great looking people and I won the genetic lottery there. And, yes, you get more jobs because of those good genes. But your looks can't define you forever. Your acting will do it eventually.''

However, Channing - who has previously worked as a stripper and a model - says he's had to work hard to improve his acting skills.

The 32-year-old hunk - who is married to actress Jenna Dewan - told T2: ''I never wanted to be an actor, and I had no artistic ambitions growing up. It all just fell into my lap.

''My looks got me into the industry, but it's taken me eight years to figure out the acting part.''