Channing Tatum gets ''fat and happy'' when he's not making movies.

The 34-year-old star - who is married to his 'Step Up' co-star Jenna Dewan-Tatum - has revealed that although he's always been a sporty guy, when he's not working on films he doesn't try as hard to keep in shape.

He explained: ''When I'm not working, I tend to get a little what my wife and I call 'fappy', meaning 'fat and happy'. I always keep fit because I like working out and I enjoy the competitiveness of training with buddies, but I loathe dieting. Loathe it.

''When I'm dieting I eat the same stuff every day. It's madness and monotony and it sucks the colour right out of the world until I feel like I'm living in that movie 'Pleasantville', all in black and white, It's awful.''

Having admitted he slacks on his fitness regime when he's not filming, the 'Magic Mike' hunk - who has 15-month-old daughter Everly with Jenna - also confessed he's not one to miss out on unhealthy meals.

Quizzed on what he eats when he's not dieting, he told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Everything! Cheeseburgers, pizza, beer, all the usual suspects that make you fat.

''I'm insatiable and if you try to take it away from me, it's like taking a piece of candy away from a kid, because I'll cry.''