'White House Down' will face stiff competition in its opening weekend at the US box office as 'Monsters University' is set to top the chart for the second week running.

The action film starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx has been predicted sales of $35 million for its opening weekend. Meanwhile, 'Monsters University' - the prequel to Disney-Pixar's 2001 animated blockbuster 'Monsters, Inc.' - has already racked in $82 million, making it a favourite to stay on top of the chart.

Opening in the same weekend as 'The Heat', which sees Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as cops, a potential overlap in themes could pose a threat to Tatum and Foxx's flick. However, with predicted sales of $34 million, 'The Heat' may have to settle for third place.

Following close on the heels of Gerard Butler's 'Olympus Has Fallen', the Roland Emmerich-directed presidential action flick has received mixed reviews prior to its release on Thursday (27.06.13).

In the film, Channing stars as cop John Cale, who finds himself in a life threatening situation when his tour of the White House is overtaken by a brutal armed paramilitary group and it's left up to Cale to save President James Sawyer (Jamie) and his daughter.