Former BBC presenter Noel Edmonds has said he intends to boycott paying his TV licence fee in protest at the "aggressive" tactics of the broadcaster.

Edmonds, who used to present shows on TV and radio for the BBC including the popular Saturday evening light entertainment programme Noel's House Party, said he is "incensed" at the 'bullying' tactics used to force people into paying.

Speaking on BBC1's Breakfast this morning, Edmonds said he considered the Beeb's approach to recouping the licence fee from every viewer as being done so in a "threatening" manner.

"Auntie's put boxing gloves on," he said.

"I'm so incensed by the idea that I'm guilty of something that I actually cancelled my licence fee a few months ago."

But despite the BBC's now-infamous 'we know who you are and we know where you live' moniker for fee evaders, Edmonds added: "They haven't found me, and nobody's come knocking on the door."

By not owning a £139.50 colour licence, Edmonds - who rekindled his broadcasting career presenting the gameshow Deal Or No Deal on Channel 4 - risks incurring a £1,000 fine.

The host said he wanted to make it clear he believes the licence fee to be "astonishing value" for what the BBC provides, but added: "There are too many organisations - and the BBC is a fabulous organisation - that seem to think it's OK to badger, hector and threaten people."

13/09/2008 20:42:19