Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks has been rewarded for its handling of the issue of eating disorders by winning a Mental Health Media award.

The accolade was for the show's portrayal of Hannah's (Emma Rigby) battle with anorexia in the Soaps & Continual Drama category.

The storyline, which saw Rigby named best actress at this year's British Soap Awards, witnessed Hannah Ashworth descend into anorexic hell.

The show's producers also worked alongside B-eat to ensure on-screen accuracy.

"Attending the Mental Health Media Awards was a humbling experience and a privilege," said Tony Wood, Hollyoaks executive producer and creative director at Lime Pictures.

"That Hollyoaks can be considered among the work honoured is a great accolade. Winning this award is a considerable honour," he added.

"Emma Rigby's performance as Hannah struggling with anorexia touched the lives of so many people in the Hollyoaks audience; to say nothing of The Tears it induced at the awards ceremony.

"This is a significant moment in the maturing of our programme."

Rigby herself was also thrilled, describing the award as "fantastic recognition" for the storyline.

"There was a lot of research with Hannah's plight and I'm pleased that it's paid off. Hopefully we've shown through the storyline that people can recover."

27/11/2008 05:01:01