Viewers have complained to Channel 4 about Big Brother contestants wasting food on the show.

Fans of the show expressed their disapproval at food fights and eating tasks at a time when domestic food bills are soaring.

A spokeswoman for the show admitted Channel 4 had received complaints but claimed the housemates would be made to pay for wasting the food.

"We have had 20 complaints from members of the public about food wastage. The housemates are now aware that they must be more careful," she said.

"They are responsible for the purchase and preparation of their food and meals, and Big Brother provides recycling for waste.

"For the last week housemates have been on a basic shopping budget of a £1 per person a day. Any waste of food will result in them going hungry."

Recently, housemates including Bex and Mohamed were involved in a massive food fight which involved jugs of milk being thrown around the house.

18/07/2008 11:07:05