CHANEL's success is down to its key pieces including the tweed jacket and little black dress, according to the brand's president of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky.

Pavlovsky says designer Karl Lagerfeld's success at constantly reinterpreting the iconic items helps Chanel to stay ahead of its competitors.

He explained: "Chanel is a modern brand, constantly moving forward, cultivating its extraordinary and innate sense of creation and of fashion with eight collections per year designed by Karl Lagerfeld. It also has a rich patrimony with strong icons such as the tweed jacket, the little black dress, the two tone shoes, the camellia, that transcend time and are regularly reinterpreted by Karl Lagerfeld."

However, despite its traditional influences Bruno believes it is important to also look to the future.

He "The brand has strong Roots and is resolutely open to the world and turning towards the future. The Chanel message is communicated through different means: ephemeral boutiques, Chanel News, ambassadresses, shows, with contents adapted to each media and consistent with the brand's values."