Chance the Rapper wants to recruit an intern.

The 23-year-old musician has taken to social media in a bid to source and hire someone on a placement, and he has specific requirements for the potential colleague, including the ability to write proposals, pitches and ''putting together decks''.

The 'No Problem' vocalist - whose real name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett - tweeted: ''I'm looking for an intern, someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals (sic).''

And the star is also very particular about the format of the applications.

He later wrote: ''I want intern resumes formatted as creative decks, pitches or proposals (sic).''

However, Chance has kept details about the position, including whether the successful candidate will receive payment or travel expenses and the duration of the placement, close to his chest.

But this is not the first time the Chicago-born rapper has tried to help others, as he recently donated $1 million - funds which he raised through the ticket sales for his upcoming tour - to public schools in the city he grew up in to help give children a ''quality learning experience''.

And Chance hoped his generous offer would encourage other companies operating in the area to follow in his footsteps.

Speaking previously at a press conference held at Wescott Elementary School earlier this month, he said: ''I'm committed to help Chicago's children have quality learning experiences that include the arts. As an artist and after-school teacher, I know the arts are invaluable. They teach kids lessons about how small efforts can have big effects and how collaboration can lead to creativity. This cheque is a call to action. I'm challenging major companies in Chicago and across the U.S. to donate and take action.''

The artist also announced for every $100,000 donated to CPS, his organisation SocialWorks will give $10,000 to a school of their choosing to be used on developing their arts departments and after school activities.

And the former first lady Michelle Obama has praised Chance for his help.

She tweeted at the time: ''Thanks @chancetherapper for giving back to the Chicago community, which gave us so much. You are an example of the power of arts education (sic).''