Chamillionaire has refused to respond to disparaging remarks made about the rapper by 50 Cent, because he believes the G-UNIT star is just using the war of words as a "gimmick". 50 Cent - real name Curtis Jackson - attacked the Ridin' Dirty hitmaker in a recent issue of U.S. magazine Spin, in which he criticised his rival for bowing to public pressure to censor rap music. He said: "Let him (Chamillionaire) go sell gospel records, if he's so f**kin' righteous. I can write around the curses if I want to, but you can't tell me to write around the curses." But Chamillionaire - born Hakeem Seriki - insists he is not intimidated by such attention-grabbing comments by the In Da Club star. He tells, "There are way more interesting things to talk about, besides beef and dissing people. "I'ma leave that to everybody else. There was a time were the hip-hop battle was cool, cause it was lyrical or whatever, but now, its stale, people used it as a gimmick."