Chart-topping rapper Chamillionaire was stunned when police stopped and searched his tour bus when he and his entourage were travelling to Oklahoma for a gig. The hip-hop star insists he was targeted last month (APR06) because his smash hit RIDIN', which is currently at the top of the US singles chart, boasts lyrics claiming the police are "trying to catch (him) ridin' dirty". Chamillionaire explains the vehicle boasts a giant image of his face on its side, which attracted the authorities' attention. He tells MTV, "My face is on the side of the bus real big. "The cops brought out the dogs and everything. They were asking for me. I guess they was really talking trash. "They didn't find nothing. They tore the whole bus apart. They said that normally when they take somebody to jail, they play Afroman's BECAUSE I GOT HIGH. "But they said since it was a special occasion, they were going to play RIDIN'. It was crazy."