Phillip Phillips may have taken home the American Idol title on last night's season finale (May 24, 2012) but the real winners of the show appears to be FANTASTIA BARRINO and Chaka Khan. Not only did Ms Khan wow the crowd with her live performances, but she also raised a few eyebrows with her skin-tight cat suit. The 59 year-old had poured herself into an eye catching brown sequinned number that showed off her voluptuous body.

Khan powered through her performances of 'Ain't Nobody,' and 'Through The Fire' before joining up with the female Idol contestants for a powerful rendition of 'I'm Every Woman.' She even managed to out-class fellow performer Barrino, who herself was raising eyebrows for an entirely different reason, with her own skin-tight black number. USA Today commented that she looked wholly dissimilar to the Fantasia Barrino who won American Idol three years ago and the jury's out on whether or not the cat suit was a wise sartorial choice for the previous winner.

The final show of the evening was full of surprises though and really, Barrino's cat suit was the least of them. There was a marriage proposal onstage, between two former contestants, Rihanna arrived and performed for the masses, Jennifer Lopez performed, Aerosmith performed. Hell, even Neil Diamond showed his face! The star of the show, of course was the night's winner, Phillip Phillips, who was victorious. Whether or not he shall return in three years, wearing a black sequinned cat suit, however, remains to be seen.