FREAKY FRIDAY star Chad Michael Murray has cleared up reports about his recent controversial visit to a strip club, insisting his wife Sophia Bush was fully aware of the trip.

While promoting his and Paris Hilton's movie HOUSE OF WAX in Canada, the actor was spotted out at a strip bar, attracting headlines and whispers about the state of his new marriage.

But Murray insists the visit was completely innocent, explaining to Teen People, "Yeah, I went to a strip club in Toronto. We were there for the House of Wax press junket. It had been a long day, and JARED (PADALECKI), ELISHA (CUTHBERT) and I wanted to go out.

"So our driver says, 'Hey, I know this great place to sit back and have a drink. It's called the Brass Rail.' I thought it was a whisky bar. It just sounds like a tough-guy bar, you know?

"When we got there and I realised what it was, I called Sophia. I was like, 'Baby, we tried to go to a whisky bar, and we're sitting at a strip club!' She thought it was funny."

He adds, "(The rumours and the stories) are inappropriate on so many levels, but I guess that's what sells. I don't know if it will ever stop. All I need to know is, I have faith in myself and I know what's really going on."