Chad Kroeger made the first move on Avril Lavigne.

The 28-year-old Canadian singer insists she has never chased a guy and the Nickleback rocker, who she got engaged to last August, asked her out after they bonded over music.

The 'Here's To Never Growing Up' hitmaker told 'Access Hollywood Live' on Wednesday (15.05.13): ''I don't run after guys so he did it.

''My mother always thought me that. There was a rule in our house, no calling guys, I wasn't allowed to call guys, they had to call me. Men like a chase.''

Avril can't wait to marry Chad, who is ten years older than her.

She explained: ''Believe it or not, I actually said before we started dating, 'I want to date someone who is 10 years older than me,' and he's exactly 10 years older than me and it's nice.

''He's got it together, he's mature, he's done his thing, he's lived life. He's been around the world on tour, I've been around the world on tour. We can really relate with a lot of things and we just bonded over music and song-writing, we have a lot in common.''

The blonde beauty also revealed her family is smitten with her fiance.

She said: ''Everybody loves him. He's very charismatic, he's outgoing, he's not shy at all. It's really awesome because he's supportive. He understands exactly what's I'm doing.''

The singer, who split from her first husband Deryck Whibley in 2010, also revealed she moved to France for four months after their divorce to spend some time alone.

She said: ''I got there and I didn't know anyone. I booked French classes with Berlitz, five days a week, and I thought worst case scenario if I don't met anybody I'll just be doing school everyday.

''But I did, I met a lot of people. It was cool. I felt like a little girl. I felt really like myself again. It was my first time ever being alone and quiet.''