Chace Crawford is glad a singing scene was cut from new movie What To Expect When You'Re Expecting, branding the impromptu session "painful".
The Gossip Girl star showed off his vocal skills for the special shoot, but it was dropped from the final edit of the film - much to Crawford's relief.
He tells British show This Morning, "It was supposed to be at the end... I think they were supposed to do the special credits. I'm good at karaoke... it's the worst song ever for karaoke and we had little ear buds in our ear and I didn't realise this was going to happen, I thought it was going to have a more natural flow to it, you have 60 people looking at you...
"We were the only ones that could hear the music, we can't even hear our voices, we're singing into microphones and they're recording it. It was really quite painful."