Chace Crawford claims his new movie 'Twelve' is a "grittier" version of 'Gossip Girl'.

The 24-year-old actor admits many people may be expecting the movie to be like the television show he is famous for, but there is a lot more to it.

He said: "It's a Joel Schumacher film I shot about a year ago. On the surface it seems like a kind of 'Gossip Girl' esque film but it's a lot grittier."

Chace plays White Mike in the movie, which is an adaptation of the Nick McDonell book of the same name, and he claims it is a "cool" film

He told Britain's 'This Morning' TV show: "I'm a drug dealer. Parents are proud of that. He's not an addict he kind of had to peddle marijuana to get by and he's the centre of the story and drives the storyline and ties up the plotlines and twists. It's cool."

'Twelve' also stars Kiefer Sutherland as a narrator, a role Chace thinks he is perfect for due to his "powerful" vocal ability.

He said: "Kiefer does the voiceover. He has that booming powerful voice and he's always worked with Joel."

'Twelve' is expected to be released later this year.