Chace Crawford thinks of Elizabeth Hurley as a ''lovely little butterfly''.

The 26-year-old actor is working alongside the British beauty on the forthcoming series of 'Gossip Girl', and he admits he loved working with her because she is so ''charming'', and jokes he had to be forced to kiss her for a scene.

He said: ''My character gets involved with Elizabeth Hurley. It's terrible they've really got to twist my arm to do kissing scenes. I mean look at her, she's so hard to look at! She's literally the most charming, outgoing, lovely little butterfly on set. She just actually wrapped, I've got a couple more days of shooting.''

However Chace - who will star alongside Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz in 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' later this year - admits Elizabeth is not the only British personality he would like to work with; 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' star Gary Oldman is also on his wish-list.

He told BBC Radio 1: ''I'd love to work with Gary Oldman. There's a whole litany of people I'd like to work with.''