MARC BANNERMAN'S actress girlfriend has flown out to Australia after seeing her man cosy up to ex-CATATONIA singer Cerys Matthews.

Sarah Mavers, who has been dating the ex-EASTENDERS star for two and a half years, told the Daily Mail: "I want to march into the jungle, haul her out and say 'He's mine, get off!'."

"What the hell does Cerys think she's doing? She's going all out to flirt with Marc and she knows he had a girlfriend - of course she does.

"If anyone is to be portrayed as anything here, it isn't Marc the love-rat, it's Cerys the home-wrecker. It's a bloody cheek and I'm absolutely livid."

The actress added that she believes Marc is innocent and claimed he is just "lapping up the attention".

According to the paper, Ms Mavers will spend the next two weeks staying at a luxury hotel, waiting for her man to exit the jungle.

Over the past week viewers have seen Bannerman and Matthews growing closer, with Bannerman kissing the singer's neck and making suggestive comments.

However the actor has dismissed any chance of things going further telling jungle companion CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS that they are "just great friends".

19/11/2007 10:39:08