Welsh singer Cerys Matthews credits a telephone conversation with Bob Dylan with giving her the strength to beat her heroin addiction. The former CATATONIA frontwoman was slowly killing herself by taking the dangerous drug, because she is allergic to the opiate and her lungs began to fill up with liquid, slowly suffocating her. And when she was at her lowest ebb, Matthews was amazed to receive phonecalls from the iconic rocker and British singer Yusuf Islam - formerly known as CAT STEVENS - which made her realise how low she had sunk. She says, "I couldn't walk, couldn't breathe. I was allergic to heroin. My body would react against it. It fills your lungs up. You suffocate yourself. So what do you do? You make a conscious decision to live. It would have been the end if I hadn't made that decision. "I had a telephone call from Bob Dylan and from Yusuf Islam in a two-week period and it gave me the confidence to follow what my heart was telling me, which was just to get out. I don't know why they rang, it happened out of the blue. "I'd like to keep the conversations private but it was a strange time because I'd almost given up hope on everything and started to lose the plot a bit, and that's a pretty sorry place to be. (Then) these spiritual guides called and it helped me gather strength to change things and start again." Since kicking heroin, Matthews wed American producer SETH RIDDLE in 2003 and is the proud mother of two children.