Cerys Matthews

Never Said Goodbye

Album Listening Post

Cerys Matthews makes an eagerly-anticipated return to the fray on August 21st with the Rough Trade release of her second solo album 'Never Said Goodbye'.

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The follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut solo album 'Cockahoop' from 2003 was produced by Stuart Sikes (The White Stripes, The Walkmen), Ben Elkins (Heypenny) and Cerys Matthews and mixed by Jeremy Ferguson (Josh Rouse, Be Your Own Pet).

The release of 'Never Said Goodbye' was preceded by the release of a single - 'Open Roads' - on August 7th. Previously vocalist for Catatonia, one of the most successful bands to have ever emerged from Wales, Cerys Matthews now lives in Nashville with her husband and two young children.

Cerys's post-Catatonia solo career has gone from strength to strength; 'Cockahoop' was met with widespread acclaim, The Times describing the album as, "one of those unexpected triumphs of literal thinking in pop. certainly an album worth cheering about", whilst The Independent declared, "the instant you hear 'Cockahoop', you wonder why she never made it before".

Official Site - http://www.cerysmatthews.info