Fandango began selling tickets online today (Wednesday) to the Celine Dion concert documentary Celine Through the Eyes of the World , which will be screened in 342 theaters in the U.S. for 11 days beginning February 17. It is also being released in Canada in both English and French versions; the French version is titled Céline autour du monde (Celine Around the World). The film, being distributed by Sony Pictures, presents highlights of the French-Canadian singer's 2008-09 Taking Chances tour, which covered 25 countries and 93 cities. Sony reportedly plans to release a DVD and Blu-ray version of the film within three months, while corporate sibling Sony Music Entertainment is planning a separate CD and DVD release of the actual concert, which was recorded in Boston in mid-August 2008. A French concert, recorded in Montreal two weeks later, is also due to be released at the same time.